The One Royal Styling Trick To Try for An Impeccable Look

If like us, you are also a fan of the royal style, you might have wondered how they appear so impeccably dressed every time they step out. Well, apart from maintaining their styling protocol, the royals have a few styling tricks up their sleeve. Here we have discussed about the one dressing trick almost all the royal women follow to give a compact look to any outfit they wear. The secret to their classy and polished look lies in this trick. Check out how you can dress up like a royal by following just a simple styling rule.

The Old-School Dressing Trick

The key to the secret of an impeccable look like the royal ladies lies in one trick- coordinating your shoes and bags. From Kate Middleton to Meghan Markle to Queen Letizia of Spain, if you follow their style regularly, you will notice that they have one thing in common. They all pick up shoes and bags which coordinate each other. Their outfits look put-together due to this clever yet simple trick.

Shoes they Wear

Most of the royal women wear pointed toe pumps in leather. From pumps in neutral shades to dark colored ones, the colors vary. However, the bags they carry with these shoes are always matching with them, be it in terms of colors or patterns. Keep this style mantra in mind while following the royal style.

Bags they Carry

Most of the royal women carry clutches which are not too small. From boxy clutches to flap over clutches, these styles are most commonly seen in the hands of the royal fashionistas. While following the royal style make sure that whatever be the style of the clutch, it should match with the shoes.

Now that you know about the royal dressing trick, make your look a sharp and polished one. Carry large clutches and coordinate them with pointed toe pumps for an elegant look like the royals.

Image Courtesy: Getty Images, Scoopnest

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